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Simple website management system and why you need it

What is a simple website management system and why you need it

We hope you have read «Website building with a content management system» and «How much does a website cost».

Once you have a website, you’ve got your own representation on the Internet. You’ve created an adaptive website and website optimization (SEO).

This article will help you understand what a site management system is, what it is for and who can manage the website.

What's next?

Your business is developing, changing, finding new directions. And, therefore, your site should change, too. If the changes are not cardinal, you should be able to change your site yourself. This is what a website management system is for.

Almost every CMS or content management system provides such a service. As a rule, this is a system with a fairly clear interface, reminiscent of the interface of a test- or a graphic editor. You can easily change the site design, edit the text in the articles, add and delete pages.

However, the page editor is a small part of the website management system.

Web administration

Management or web administration is, oddly enough, performed by the site administrator. Therefore, an important part of web administration is managing users and their rights. The administrator, or the main user of the site, allows other users

  • to make various changes to the structure of the site,
  • manage web pages,
  • change their design, 
  • place orders, 
  • leave comments or 
  • only view pages.

In addition, the website management system of the modern site includes

  • management of general settings,
  • e-commerce options,
  • web page optimization,
  • site statistics information,
  • and other necessary parameters.

Technical and consulting support after project delivery

After delivering the finished project, the company that developed the website conducts training that enables the customer to work with all these services.

With, site management training is included in the cost of the order and is an important part of the work.

In addition, we provide technical and consulting support to all our clients as agreed.

Our specialty is the creation of WordPress pages. It is no coincidence that we have chosen CMS WordPress as a basis for our work. In our opinion, this is the most powerful, flexible and easily extensible system. At the same time, the system of management of the finished site in WordPress is the most simple and accessible. In addition, its interface is available in many languages and is user-friendly.

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